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    Payment is required at the time you place your order or if your order is being placed by your rep we will charge your credit card at the time your order is sent.
    Minimum order is set by your rep.

    KOSMIMA Jewelry is available for immediate delivery.  You will receive notice within 2 business days if any items are on back order.

     It could take up to 30 days to send any items that are on back order. 

    All packages will be sent via the USPS, Priority Mail - Insured Package.

    Return Policy
    All purchases are final.  We will replace any damaged items

    The Possibility of Repair
    Every necklace, bracelet, earring and ring from Kosmima passes through a thorough quality control prior to its distribution. In any case if there is any article that has an imperfection or damage of the artist responsibility, you may send the item to us for repair or replacement. 

    Post Purchase Advice for Customers
    To keep the jewelry in the state they purchased it in for many years, recommend they do not allow hairspray, perfume and detergents to be sprayed directly on the piece.