Wholesale Terms

Terms and Condition

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Payment & Delivery
In order to start the production we need to have the total amount paid in full.  Minimum order collection is $300.00.

ATHENS COLLECTION is available for immediate delivery.  You will receive notice within 2 business days if any items are on back order. It could take up to 30 days to send any items that are on back order. 

KAPPA LINE orders will take approximately 30-45 days to fill.  This accounts for processing time as well as the time it takes for the artists to create and send your selected items to us from Greece.

All packages will be sent via the USPS, Priority Mail - Insured Package.

Return Policy
All purchases are final.  Your order is created just for you and we cannot accept any returns.

The Possibility of Repair
Every necklace, bracelet, earring and ring from Kosmima passes through a thorough quality control prior to its distribution to the market.
In any case if there is any article that has an imperfection or damage of the artist responsibility, the customer should notify us within 5 days from receiving it.

Points of Sale
Kosmima, LLC reserves the right to be the only vendor at any given event who can sell the items we distribute.  If we happen to be at the same event as you we will be the only merchant to display and sell these wares. 

Post Purchase Advice for Customers
To keep the jewelry in the state they purchased it in for many years, recommend they do not allow hairspray, perfume and detergents to be sprayed directly on the piece.

Description of Products

Our jewelry is made of quality hypo-allergenic materials.  They are carefully selected and made by various artists in Greece.  The main metal used is bronze and pewter (NICKEL FREE).  Kappa Line jewelry is bronze plated with gold or silver.  Crystals are Swarovski.

Size and Application
The right fit plays a very important role and depends on their proper and careful design that guarantees very good results.
The necklaces and rings we carry have a small chain at their finish, so that they may be fastened in different lengths. In this manner all different sizes of women's wrists and necks adorned by our jewelry are covered.   
As for rings, they all have variable size and it is very easy to adjust them to your size yourselves.